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Peter Pan Properties strives to provide our customers with attractive, leased properties at competitive rates. Peter Pan Properties works tirelessly in the greater Mount Dora area to make sure we’re providing tenants and property owners with the very best rentals and the very best management services.

Our office is in Mount Dora centered in the Tri County area, we’re immensely passionate and knowledgeable about the area. We rely on decades of experience in property leasing for both personal homes and commercial property and it is our aim to do our job exquisitely well.

Our company is headed by David Hurley, who’s put together a topnotch team of professionals to serve the Tri County area. With our varied skills and wide-ranging resources, we have the capability to serve all kinds of clients and all kinds of properties in the Tri County area. Our integrity as a business is based on exceptional client service. You can always feel free to get in touch with somebody at Peter Pan Properties. Tell us how we can serve you today!