Welcome to Neverland!

As you arrive at Neverland you will be welcomed with a beautiful porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Take a seat, close your eyes and just listen to the waves as they roll in, it’s one of the best beachside getaways on the island. As you unpack for your stay, take some time at picking one of the 4 bedrooms to call your home away from home. There are two bathrooms, a kitchen with all the necessities of life, and a family area. So much to see and do. I love sharing my dreams and letting all that can, enjoy the magic of this little paradise. Completely renovated and redecorated in 2017. The name “Neverland” is appropriate as I’m forever young as Peter Pan. I truly hope you enjoy the magic as much as I do.



Dress is always casual, sandals, shorts, and a light jacket, for cool evening walks. We have four snorkel sets in the closet.


Take a taxi to Ferry boat the driver will stop at the major grocery store and an awesome seafood supplier on the way. There are two Booze stores at Hopetown, but a better selection of wine at Marsh. The kitchen is well equipped and there is plenty of Kitchen Craft Cookware.


North Island Walk:

Drive your cart to the town center, Park next to the liqueur store, and take the amazing three-mile walk. Walk to the end of town and follow the road to the right and walk the entire length turning left. At the end, walk to the beach and follow the beach back to town. It’s a great way to see it all and get in a wonderful walk at the same time. The beach walk will end up at the beach Church which is just across from the cart parking area. Just up the hill are a beachfront pool, restaurant, and bar that have great food.

Man-O-War Island:

Is just a 20 minute boat ride North and offers a fabulous walking Island with a canvas bag factory and shop that’s a must-visit.

Green Turtle Club:

One hour boat ride with a great restaurant at Green Turtle club and a very cultural village of native Bahama people.

Abaco Inn:

Do not miss the glorious sunrises! Get up and enjoy the morning and free coffee at the Abaco Inn. The short walk is only two blocks north and the manager Tom is a jewel of wealth and knowledge. Breakfast starts at 8:00 and their grits are the best and the Lobster Benedict is a religious experience!

The sunsets are also spectacular from the street side porch or the Abaco Inn deck with an amazing bar and happy hour. The conch fritters are a party in your mouth and only $7.00 for six.

Tahiti beach:

This is a gorgeous sand beach about 2 miles south of Neverland. Two huge sea turtles are always there to snorkel with and I have 4 snorkel sets in the closet. Please rinse and return after enjoying. There is a food and booze boat at Tahiti beach and as the tide falls, the sand beaches grow.


Abaco Inn:

Best food in Bahamas! They will also cook your catch and the best local Fishing trip is with “the local boy charters”. Great team and we always bring fish home. Also, feel free to swim at the Abaco Inn pool. They’re very friendly and hope you’ll buy a drink from the bar.

White Sands Resort:

Two blocks South of Neverland. Great food, bar, swimming pool, and only gas pump on the island. Sip Sips wine bar and restaurant in Hope Town offers excellent pizza and wine selection.

Bar Adventures:

By boat, the 20 mile run south to Pete’s Pub and Gallery is on the first island West of Elbow key. Just run to Tahiti beach and head west. You’ll see their pier and bar on the hill.  It is well worth the visit to this sand floor, an outdoor bar that truly has the worlds’ best conch fritters. You will agree after enjoying this visit and the little village is also a great destination.


You’ll be happy to know there is no cable TV, but plenty of movies on DVDs in a case under the TV cabinet on the floor.


There are three great grocery stores on the island and a huge one called Maxwell’s in Marsh Harbor. Prices are about 25% more than the States and only 15% at Marsh harbor. Five blocks North of Neverland is a great little grocery store that has almost everything you need, including the fresh catch of the day! The liquor store is only two blocks from there and they have a good selection.


Your tropical oasis.

Enjoy every second of your journey to Neverland and do all you can to join me at being forever young! Age is a number. Life is a journey. Take it!

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